Wedding Guidelines


A wedding date should be reserved at least Six (6) months in advance with the appropriate Victory City Church Administrator. Couples must complete their Wedding Booking Form and submit it to the Administrator(s) before any booking is confirmed. No wedding will be booked on a DATE that coincides with a significant Victory City Church Event(s). Wedding Ceremonies on Saturday at Victory City Church shall be conducted at 9:00 am, 11:00am and 1:00 pm or within that time frame for a maximum running time of 90 (Ninety) minutes. No weddings will be conducted on Sunday, Couples who so desire may apply for their wedding ceremony to be conducted during the week.

Contract Forms

A letter of recommendation from one’s local church if one party is not a member of Victory City Church. An HIV Test and Counseling report not more than six weeks from date of booking. Tests must be done together as a couple at the recommended Health Service Providers. i.e. IMC, CASE and SAS. An Original letter of blessing from the parents/guardians of the bride-to-be or a certificate of the introduction ceremony.


Couples must complete Pastoral counseling before their wedding is conducted or officiated by a Victory City Church Pastor at the Church. This includes at least five counseling sessions conducted by the Pastor or Marriage Mentors endorsed by the Senior Pastor. Group Premarital Counseling Classes: Conducted as group sessions at the church in cases where more than one couple’s wedding fall in the same season. If either party is upcountry or abroad, he or she must return before the booked wedding date, and undergo the requisite pre-marital counselling sessions.

No wedding will be conducted;

 If a couple has not booked and confirmed their wedding date with the Administrator. If a couple has not completed the mandatory premarital counseling sessions. If none of the couple is a member of victory City Church or the sister churches.

Marriage Banns

Couples must be introduced in Victory City Church within two weeks of their wedding date. All Paper work must be complete and returned to the Wedding Administrator at least two months to the Wedding date. Marriage Banns will be published One month to the wedding date and displayed on the Victory City Church Notice Board in accordance with the Laws of the Government 0f Uganda. Couples seeking a recommendation to wed at another Church need to attend at least three counseling sessions, they must be introduced to the church at the appropriate time. Please note that the Recommendation Letter will only be issued after the couple has fulfilled the above requirements..

Fees and Procedure

Wedding fees of 400,000Ugx for Victory City Church members and 500,000Ugx for affiliated or Sister church members Please note that all fees are to be paid at the Victory City Church Accounts Officer and for every payment, a receipt is to be issued by the Cashier and copies submitted to the Wedding Administrator. Time Keeping means the Groom, Bride & Entourage arrive at church 15 minutes before the Time booked for their wedding. Time Keeping will be rewarded with the Refund of the 100,000/= and permission to take an offering in the service. Any offering taken at a Victory City Church wedding ceremony is given, in its ENTIRETY to the couple. A Lateness Penalty will be administered in the following ways to couples that do not keep time: No refund will be given to the couple who are not on site at booked time of their Wedding. No offering will be taken in the service for couples who arrive 15 minutes after the booked Time of their wedding.

Order of Service

The Order of Service and wedding rehearsal must be completed with the help of a Wedding Administrator and submitted to the wedding Administrator at least one month to the wedding date. Couples must liaise with the Worship & Creative Arts Office to plan the order of service and select the appropriate music at least one month to the wedding. Couples must avail the special music they desire to be presented at their wedding to Worship and Creative arts office before the wedding day. Couples must avail a photo of their choice for projection on the overhead during the wedding service. Victory City Church reserves the right to approve live/recorded songs, special artistic presentations and other guests of the couple intending to participate in the wedding ceremony at Victory City Church.

Preparation for the Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Rehearsals are mandatory and are to be supervised by the Pastor or designated Administrative Assistant. They MUST be held with the entire bridal entourage, 1 week before the wedding day. Couples must have a Time Keeper who MUST report immediately to the Victory City Church Reception/Administrator when the entire bridal team arrives at the venue of the wedding. Couples must have their Ushering Team introduced to the Administrator for briefing of their roles and responsibilities during the wedding ceremony.


Persons who have been living together may apply to Sanctify their relationship in a church wedding to honor God. Divorced persons will not be wed at Victory City Church. Non-Victory City Church Couples will only be wed at Victory City Church if they have the prior written commitment of a Victory City Church Pastor.


The Victory City Church Pastoral Team reserves the right to decide on whom to wed. The Victory City Church Pastoral Team reserves the right to waive any of the conditions stipulated in this Wedding Guideline.